Hello lovey people, 
The latest weeks and days show us all that times may change, and we don't have control over the events unfolding, what so ever. We find each other in the situation where we constantly need to redefine our plans, ideas, opinions, values. However, we are here, in all this, TOGETHER. So why not just work together, support each other, and care for one another, maybe like never before. 
Tokyo Quarantine is a place, that we hope, can work as extensive conversation between the Tokyo community. A diary, a sketchbook, a stage, a publication, where different voices and points of view can meet, and exist. A place where, in a time of distance, we can be a bit closer to each other, sharing our daily life in this pandemic. 
The project is initiated by Tokyo creatives, Ewelina Skowronska - Polish artist and illustrator, and Mateus Bagatini - Brasilian designer, with extensive contributions of many beautiful and wonderful people from Tokyo. 

We hope to work until the end of the pandemic, but who knows what will happen...
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