Horoscope vol. 2
stand in your room
close your eyes
make a list of all the things that make you feel uncomfortable now
for each of this things cut shapes out of paper
make a composition out of all the shapes
hang it on the wall
admire it
admire it everyday


Early last week I decided I needed a small coffee table that would fit nicely next to the arm chair which becomes my office at times when Ewelina, my wife, occupies the desk (which is all the time). Of course, I wanted to make it special so I came up with a design of two round tops at different levels which would overlap each other. If you look at it from the top it resembles baby snowman or BB8 from Star Wars. 
Excited with the idea I went to the wood shop the following day to look for the material. The front doors of the shop were closed but the staff inside gestured I should walk around and they would let me in through the back door. This place does never get crowded, plus due to current restrictions I was the sole customer and it did not take me long to find a piece of Japanese Keyaki wood. With its golden colour and beautiful wavy grain, it would make fine furniture I though. 
It took me about three sessions in the workshop to make all elements and I was enthusiastic to dry fit them all together. Finally, it was there, in front of me and … it did not look even close to what I thought it would! The piece was completely out of proportion with too thick tops and chubby legs it looked like a snowman about to melt down or BB8 that just had the biggest meal of its life.  
BUT, surprisingly my inner critic did not tell me to jump off the bridge or that I should never ever again step in to the workshop. In fact, he said nothing, he was not there! Was he off duty that day or is he not such a monster as I have always thought he was? That I am not yet sure but I have a feeling our relationship has transformed. It is OK when things do not go according to the plan or turn out differently to what I have expected. I had so much fun coming up with the idea and working on it. What is more I think the best part is yet to come because I am going to reuse all the elements to make my idea work. 
… next time though I will make a model in scale before attempting the final piece :)

Bb plays yellow
Celine Marks

music by Aroun Ducroux
Green Sphere
Slavek Kowalewski
Mixed media
Droid-on - Korg DS10+M01 liveset







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