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Sophie Lekens

Around the world, many voices are raising to change priorities in our society as we find a system based on the economy powerless in the face of a pandemic. Should we wait any longer to bring, well-being, health and culture to an upper place in the hierarchy of our priorities?
As we are learning how to deal with the unknown factor of a disease with yet no cure and start going out and interacting with each other again, artists and their creations are an essential piece in the process to moving forward and healing minds and souls.
The Tokyo Quarantine generous initiative, imagined by artists, is giving a voice to their community and offers creative statements to the world. In the frame of this initiative, “Dreaming Tomorrow” issue focuses on going beyond the dreadfulness of the present, with the double objective to reach in the viewers’ heart the tranquil places of their memories and to trigger their imagination in order to give shape to the world we will be living in, tomorrow.

June, 2020
Horoscope vol. 9​​​​​​​
Ewelina Skowronska

Ayako Kuno 

Ayako Kuno  grow-flower2-, 2020, Brass, old bottle, 45×70×300mm

“I normally use scenes of urban landscapes as a motif. When most of the people were confined because of Corona virus I felt that the city has stopped moving like it died in loneliness.
As I could not go out much myself, I then started to feel the little changes of Nature around me, changes I did not care much about before. I noticed daily, the plants growing and showing various expressions.
Playing with the ruggedness and the fragility of metal and a recycled bottle, I have developed a piece that can be placed in a familiar interior, a flower and vase like composition to be reminded of Nature.

A view on AYAKO KUNO's atelier

Artist profile
Born in Tokyo in 1983. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Metalwork in 2008 and from the Tokyo University of the Arts (Major: Metal Casting) in 2010. She has received many awards; Ayako Kuno has won the audience award at Spiral Independent Creators Festival (SICF15) in 2014, and the Grand Prix at SHIBUYA AWARDS in 2016.
Her works is part of the collection of Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Art. Her latest major shows include a solo exhibition at Art Front Gallery (Tokyo) in 2020. She has also exhibited her works at the curated serial show of Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Art “aperto” in 2019.

Upcoming exhibition : July 25th to August 9th, 2020,  2 persons show at JILL D’ART GALLERY, Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture).
Erika Kusumi

Erika Kusumi, Utopia / Nostalgia 2, 2020, Acrylic mounted inkjet print, 297×420mm

“This piece is part of a series inspired by "Utopia" a work of fiction and socio-political satire by Thomas More (1478–1535),  published for the first time in 1516. In this series, elements belonging to different environnements have been gathered in harmony to produce an imaginary scape.
Each object positioned in the composition has a symbolical function. For exemple, the egg is a symbol of birth, the ammonites, a symbol of circulation.
In this piece I have focused on the fusion of artificial and natural objects, the result is a winter-like city scenery surrounded with summer plants and water falls.”

A view on Kusumi Erika's atelier

Artist profile
Living and working in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Erika Kusumi is a freelance photographer, web designer, and artist.
Her works function as memory of the “reality” experienced、overlaying pictures with different times and spaces.
Each pieces is processed digitally. They are digital collages, made out only of the photographs she has taken.

Mariko Okada

Mariko Okada, sympathy, 2018, embroidery on canvas, acrylic paint, 220×273mm,  ©okada mariko

“I see the the technique of embroidery and the act of creation as a medium to face myself and the others.
Accumulating the threads on the canvas, one by one, makes me feel alive, like if I was gathering memories of the past that made me as I am.
My canvases are like prayers, turning the past into hope for the future.”

A view on Mariko Okada's atelier,  ©okada mariko

Artist profile
Born in Tochigi prefecture (Japan) in 1987. Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Visual Design section.
From a young age, the early 20th century writer, poet and teacher Kenji Miyazawa and his inputs on expressing ones imagination through body language and poetic expression, have influenced her.
She discovered embroidery when she was a student; "stitch painting embroidery" was like drawing a picture with threads for her.  Since graduation, she has been exhibiting in various venues, doing workshops and promotional works for living. She has received the "Fumio Nanjo Award" at the 11th edition of Spiral Independant Creators Festival (SICF11).
Naoya Okazaki

Naoya Okazaki, Blue, 2020, C-print type, 230×180mm,  ©Naoya Okazaki
"This photograph represents my everyday blue, the Japanese blue, and blue from around the world."

A view on Naoya Okazaki's atelier,  ©Naoya Okazaki

Artist profile
Naoya Okazaki is a graphic designer who works on music, movies and books projects and more. Through his work, he became interested in film photography, and began his artistic activities in 2005. Even now, he prints himself in the darkroom, and has a particular attention for colors.

Curation by Sophie Lekens
Sophie Lekens (Public Relation, Spiral / Wacoal Art Center). Working with the Japanese contemporary art scene since 2013 and at Spiral / Wacoal Art Center since 2015, first as a member of the Art Production team and now with the Public Relation team, her mission is to develop and straighten the bridges between Spiral and the world.

All artists of this selection have been exhibited in MINA-TO (Spiral 1F), between 2017 and 2019. 

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